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Rot babies for sale
Rot Baby Bulbasaur by FireEmber345
Rot Baby Charmander by FireEmber345
Rot Baby Squirtle by FireEmber345
Rot babies are zombies of your favorite characters and not just pokemon
Dragon Fox Create
Icecream The Dragon Fox (Open for Adoption) by FireEmber345
Rose The Dragon Fox (Open for Adoption) by FireEmber345
Fire Fox The Dragon Fox (Adopted by hickoryrunequ) by FireEmber345
Bubble The Dragon Fox (Open for Adoption) by FireEmber345
Smashy The Dragon Fox (Open for Adoption) by FireEmber345
Get a Dragon Fox Designed whatever you want, as long as it is appropriate.
Original characters
Wrath the furious by FireEmber345
The sorceress with two faces by FireEmber345
Suntail by FireEmber345
Fireember345 remade by FireEmber345
I'll make you an OcSix-Eyed by FireEmber345 
Mimikyu design
Fancy Mimikyu by FireEmber345
Mayor Mimikyu by FireEmber345
Chef Mimikyu by FireEmber345
get a unique Mimikyu designed by your choiceFancy Mimikyu by FireEmber345 
Long Comic
Cursed pg1 by FireEmber345
Cursed pg2 by FireEmber345
Cursed pg3 by FireEmber345
For a new long comic you want me to make 112pt
Short Comic
Lizzie Borden Took an Ax by FireEmber345
For a new short comic you want me to make 56pt

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United States
Just a girl who likes to create stories and draw
Also go here if you want see my stories…

In this quiz I am a Werewolf, strong and brave……


------♥♥----Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Page If
---♥♥---♥♥---Thank you
King of the Rouges

King of the Rouges pg1 by FireEmber345


Tired a life of being a Dancer

While an obsessed prince chases prancers

The only way for this prison bird to fly

Was to trick him into love and forge it as a lie

She used her charm

And did quite the harm

When the wedding day came as the bride she was chosen

She used dark magic to slip a little poison

As the prince's death came to be

The Dancer resurrected him as a zombie

For years her life was a delight

The people of the kingdom saw their rotting ruler with a fright

When the people learn of the prince's decay

And his wife that led them astray

They'd came in a hassle

And barged in the castle

While in a prison, she began to sing

She was soon suffered a fate that rathered sting
Long ago, before the dawn of man rose into the sky. Before the first beast devoured the first victim.

Before the water first flowed into the world, and very long before the stars were cast into the night or the clouds shaded the day, there was only one being, The Being.
This entity possessed no form or shape and can only be seen as a bright light like no other. This immortal entity was Nyl.

Nyl was created when the force of darkness and light collided with one another. It gave this super being immense power and influence to the void.
Nyl desired to create a new world, a beautiful world for the forces of good and evil can balance one another.

The first thing that Nyl did was to focus the energy of light into a circular shape.
The being laid the bright orb into the center, which began to form rings of invisible force.

Nyl's first task of the balanced creation was complete, but now what was needed, were eyes to view the void, so the immortal god sent nine hundred, thousand, million eyes into the void to keep watch of all.

Once the eyes were in place, Nyl brought both light and darkness together and form a smaller, circular orb to dance around the light, it was the planet, named Zokentia.
It was gray and colorless, but with a little more power, and the tears of life from Nyl, water flowed, forming new landscapes and shapes.

But what is water needed without life? With shaping from the darkness and warmth of the light, Nyl sent the very first seeds to the world of Zokentia, which bloomed into a garden of true beauty, the forest of Nyl was set.

Now, what were left was to create to entities to protect this new world inside.
The very first two creatures were dragons.

The twin dragon brothers Adion and Nioda who flew into the sky of the world and built for their creator.

They created children known as reptiles, and the very first reptile were the alligators, with the eldest son, closest to his father, Omen the Wise.
Years of hard work and unrest gave birth to new creatures and species. But with the years of peace and plenty were not to last.

More and more food that the plants gave was beginning to be eaten away.
The creatures pleaded for a solution of to the overly growing numbers of this world.
The buildup of unhappiness fanned by the frustration of these creatures and the hunger of the darkness created a force unlike any other before.

The brothers watched in absolute horror as the sky blackened with evil and destruction. The negativity with the combination of darkness part of every living thing gave birth to something… Evil…

The darkened storm of such evil developed into an egg-like shape, ready to hatch from its imprisonment.

From that tomb came a new creature, the being of death, Xezza the Death Empress.
She took the form of the newest creatures that feared her first, humans, but not in the flesh, for they took after what sends shivers into one's soul, human skeletons. With her terrible power, she brought the Deadly Poisons of Zokentia. The poison of Jealousy, War, Pollution, Misery, Pain, Guilt, Greed, Wrath, Violence, Hatred, War, Envy, and Death.
With her Carriage of Vile, she summoned an army from the dead and created the most diabolical beings to ever set foot in the world of life, the Generals of Xibalba.
The Generals consist of nine evil skeletons.  

The very first was the king, Captain Onyx Van Ciller, the first and husband to Xezza. He was the definition of greed. His lust for gems and gold was so overwhelming that he dipped his own skeleton in melted onyx mixed with gold. Thus giving him a crystal form with the shine of gold. He’d even replaced his boney arm with a golden dragon claw.

The Bishop was Rip D. Flesh, a genius, and quite a prideful being. He truly believes that living creatures make the best dissecting subjects. But he despised sunlight so he wears robes upon robes to keep his bones pearly white. He is the tactical advisor to Xezza and is completely loyal to her.

The Rook was Axel Gray, the pure muscle of the court. A giant with razor sharp teeth. Xezza was quite proud of her wrathful being. The ax which was the reason of his name was taller than a tree and could cut through stone with ease. Axel wore stone armor that made him look like a walking castle. Many fear him and his deadly temper.

The Knight was Lord Daniel Silvereye. Unlike his brothers, he believes in honor and dignity. He would rather fail in a fair fight then be victorious in a dirty battle. He dedicated his afterlife to Xezza and would do anything for her. He is equipped with the silver armor he’d crafted himself and a sword made of bone. Even though he hates bloodshed and believes that compromises can be achieved, he obeys without question.

the Pawn was Scouter Spy Buggy or the fool. A mad clown that enjoys the suffering of others and wants Zokentia to be painted red with the blood of the innocent and music to be screams of his victims. Though the jester is the weakest, he is the most cunning and tricky. Even though Xezza created him and demands loyalty from him, he wants to overthrow the queen and be in charge.

Then finally the Coachman was a feared corpse figure by the name, Red Eyes. Eyes were the embodiment of the death witch’s hatred towards life. People who peer at them would go mad. Red Eyes were composed of two skeletons, the man and the beast that pulls the coach. An ox creature with silver horns and with a lust for blood. Though only the queen is allowed to ride, he would make an exception for some golden eyes.

With devastation came war, between the dragons that gave life and the undead that took it away. No matter how much power or how great their armies can battle, the two sides remain a standstill, and one cannot conquer the other.

During the war and the shaping of the earth, humans came into great knowledge and fled the land of what was left of forest and built a place of safety for them, the Eye of Nyl. The very first city ever built. A place of safety from the outside of the war.

The horses also join in their neutrality, in exchange for protection, they would work for the humans in their construction of their form of a utopia. The other animals believed that the horses are chicanery to the dragon twins Adion and Nioda and were to never return to the forest.

As for the humans, some wished to stay to pray to the dragons without being separated from the Garden of Nyl.

It had seemed that there was no hope for the war to end, until the birth of a boy from a poor family.
Sneak peek of Fire Flower of Mightoken
This is just three pages from my book out of 82.

Please tell me what you think in the comments and don't try to steal it or I will report.

Everything on this lit belongs to me and does the drawing
Mightoken Remade by FireEmber345
Mightoken Remade
I've been trying to perfect Mightoken's character but I always feel that there was something missing so I keep redrawing him and redesigning him over and over.
Feel free to comment on this version and what I can do to make him more... exact in my story.

Also feel free to comment on FFOM too

Sneak peek of Fire Flower of Mightoken

Mightoken Remade by FireEmber345
Mightoken Remade
I've been trying to perfect Mightoken's character but I always feel that there was something missing so I keep redrawing him and redesigning him over and over.
Feel free to comment on this version and what I can do to make him more... exact in my story.

Also feel free to comment on FFOM too

Sneak peek of Fire Flower of Mightoken


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