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Rot babies are zombies of your favorite characters and not just pokemon
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I'll make you an OcSix-Eyed by FireEmber345 
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Just a girl who likes to create stories and draw
Also go here if you want see my stories…

In this quiz I am a Werewolf, strong and brave……


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I'm doing love poems for Valentine's day. Anyone that wants me to write a love poem about their sweetheart and what you want me to put in about them, let me know and send me 5 points.


The wasteland was barren and plane as the Tower of Shadow stood tall as a reminder of the demon's failure and imprisonment. For years, the tower was his cell as he'd watched from within the world with hatred and hunger. But soon he would not have to wait for a second more, for the eclipse and the darkness that followed it would come. Once the light of the sun was blocked by darkness the tower came apart, freeing the shapeshifter from his long imprisonment.

With a sickening grin he'd announced, "Once again, I am free to smite the world as I did in days Long past."

His evil was even shown in a painting. His malice in the painting was fiery and grim with his claws into the earth. But these paintings were of those of memories past as the emperor wove his tales of the demon.

"When the evil shape-shifting wizard, Aku, arose from the bowels of hate to ravage our homeland, I was a young emperor at the time and was helpless against his powers. But I remembered our grandfather's grandfather's story of three monks who were gifted with mystical powers. I rode to the highest peak of the mountainside where the monks agreed to forge me an enchanted sword and a magical bow with great magic. Armed with the sword, bow and the hope of my people, I plunged into battle against Aku. His evil was no match for the power of righteousness. And with the sword's magic and the arrow's spell, Aku's demon forces were implanted into the earth forever petrifying him into the wasteland that he created. Through years of hard work, we have rebuilt our glorious past with hopes never to encounter such an evil as Aku again. Always be alert, my children. For the presence of evil is sometimes right behind you." Their father warned with a stern look as he'd showed the children the kingdom he'd rebuild.

While the son was in awe and wished to be a great warrior like his father, the daughter showed fear and hid behind her twin. The ruler of this land soften his features and comfort the daughter.

"Do not fear, my little princess. You and your brother will be prepared for the day when it comes as long as you two are together. For you see, you are Yin and Yang. Separate, you are strong, but together you are both invincible." He'd assured as the brother and sister looked at their pendants with love.

While the brother had the yang, the sister had the yin. They'd put the necklaces together to make it whole and both smiled at each other.

Eventually, the brother and the sister began to play, while the brother pretended to be the warrior, the sister drew him as he'd swung his wooden sword. As the two played all over the castle, Aku struck, leaving the two petrified and frightened the bell rung and the Emperor and his queen gasped in horror.

"No, it cannot be." He'd gasped as the two rushed to the halls where their children are.

As they'd arrived they'd spotted their children being preyed upon by the demon.


The guards rushed to the prince and princess and launched arrows at Aku. Soon the entire army fired their attacks but to no avail. Aku struck back twice as hard, leaving only one hope for the world.

"The sword. The bow." He'd muttered under his breath with determined eyes as he'd rushed to the weapons.

"Not this time!" Aku laughed as he'd captured his mortal enemy and rose him into the sky.

The twins gasped as the mother shielded them both.

"Mother, Aku has returned! Do as we have planned! Our future depends on it!"

With those words, the mother grabbed her children, the weapons and fled from their flamed home as Aku laughed in victory. The queen gently placed her son and daughter in the rowboat and began to paddle across the sea. They soon came across a ship and took the royal children in. But the mother did not go with them. She'd faded with the sword and bow in the mist, no longer seen. The twins held on to each other and wept as the astronomer comfort them both. They soon began their lessons and journey.

Across the world they'd prepared from Africa to Egypt to the monks, they'd spend their youths learning and training for the battle ahead of them.

They soon reached the mountains to receive one final lesson. There they were reunited with their mother and were given the sword and its twin the bow. Through training, the prince learned to use the sword and the princess learned out to use the bow that could create magical arrows.

Soon they were ready to face Aku.

The great land of Japan was in ruined by the demon's ruled as they were forced to mine for the quartz with great pain in their hearts.

"Break." The taskmaster shouted as all rested.

A young boy grabbed water from the pool and handed it to a broken man, the emperor.

"Here's some water, my emperor." the child provided but the water was swatted away by the taskmaster.

"None for him."

The boy looked at the man with sorry eyes and left.

"I'm sorry, emperor." He'd muttered as he'd left.

"Water... Water... Water..." He'd muttered as he'd cupped his hands for the water he'd needed.

"I said, no water!" The taskmaster screamed as he lashed out his whip to hurt the man.

But the whip was destroyed by luminescent arrows in an instant, protecting the emperor. The taskmaster was thrown to the floor by a hand. He'd looked up to see two warriors in white, carrying a bow and sword, wearing the pendants of Ying and Yang. With joy, the emperor splashed with face with tears in his eyes.

"They have returned..."

The taskmasters banded together to face the two.

"Insubordinate fools. No one attacks Aku's minions. Destroy them!"

The battle began as the blade and bow's power was used. With one swift slash, the minions fell to dust and from the bow came ten hundred arrows to wipe out an army of the shapeshifter, Aku. The slaves watched as they knew their heroes have returned. They'd cheered as the oppressors were destroyed. With a swift cut, the prince severed the chains of the emperor

"My children..." He'd muttered as the daughter helped him up.

"What has happened to our land, Father?" She'd asked.

"My children, It has been many years since that fateful day that Aku returned from his imprisonment. Enslaved, we have become, to unearth the riches of our land so that Aku can strengthen his powers and begin to take over the world." The old ruler explained as his people showed sadness. The daughter gasped

The daughter gasped in horror while the son narrowed his eyes in hatred of Aku.

"Do not worry, Father. For with the power of the sword and bow, we will vanquish Aku sending him back into the pit of hate from which he came." The twin brother vowed as the sister nodded.

"No! I thought once like you two, but the sword and bow are only tools. What power has it compared to the hand that wields it? Evil is clever, and deception is it's most powerful weapons. Let the sword and bow guide you both to your fate but let your minds set free the path to your destiny." Their father advised with wisdom in their voice.

"Father is right, we must not send Aku to his imprisonment, but destroy him completely. It is the only way." The sister agrees, placing the fires of righteousness in their souls.

The two rode off on their white horse and to the tower of Aku as they'd both promised, "We will not fail you, father!"

"Be wary, my children, for evil finds a way."

They both rode into battle with determination in their eyes. They both soon reached the tower as a mist rolled in.

"Be wary, my brother. For there are demons in the mist." The sister warned as the brother nodded with his sword in hand. The demons attacked and the two knew what it meant.

"Aku is near..."

With bow and sword, they'd defeated the demons and entered Aku's lair, ready for battle.

From the top of their lungs, the twins shouted, "AKU!"

The demon soon heard and rose from his domain with a look of annoyance.

" Who dares to summon the master of masters? The deliverer of darkness? The shogun of sorrow, Aku?" The shapeshifter demanded as he'd lower himself to the man and the woman.

"we are the lost son and daughter of the land that you have pillaged. we are here to reclaim it. For our people. For our father. For our birthright." The simultaneously spoke with righteous rage.

The demon laughed at the two.

"Fools. No mortal can hurt the great Aku." The demon mocked with pride in his voice of pride.

But he was soon introduced to the pain he'd felt many years ago as the warrior slashed his side and the archer fired arrows into his shoulder.

"That sword. That bow. I remember those weapons... I recognize your blood. You two are the son and daughter of the fool who imprisoned me those many years ago.
No matter. Neither he nor the sword and bow had the power to slay me forever. And neither do you two."

Aku transformed with different creatures again and again and attacked the two but was met with defeat as he was crippled with pain. The twins stood in front of him, ready to deliver the final blow.

"Brother." The sister nodded as the samurai approached the demon.

"No matter what form you take, Aku you will never defeat the side of righteousness. Now, demon, with the blessings of righteousness and the power of the sacred blade I cast thee back to the vile pit from which you came." He'd spoke as he raised his blade for the attack.

"You might have beaten me now, but I will destroy you two in the future." The demon vowed.

"There is no future for you, Aku." The sister assured him.

"I disagree."

Aku freed a horrific screeched that created a portal. The twins were puzzled by this and tried to swipe at the rings.

"What trickery is this? Aku-!" The two were soon plunged into the vortex as Aku regains his power.

"Do not worry, samurai and archer. You will see me again. But next time you two will not be so fortunate." Aku promised as the two held on to each other as they fell.
Samurai Jack and Archer Jill chp1
I did a fan fic of that would it be like if Jack had a twin and the season 5 of Samurai Jack was coming
I do not own the show enjoy~…




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